Started out with a bright, sunny day…walked to the National and scared a poor duck by trying unsuccessfully to skip a stone with my left hand. Darn shoulder screws up even my skipping record. ..Husband remarked during this walk that he’ll relax about 9 a.m. tomorrow once the A&C show gets underway. I doubt that — he’s so preoccupied right now, I could walk naked and he’d probably not notice. ..Child number 2 arrives tonight for the weekend and hopefully to get some wedding plans settled. We’re going to begin our challenge of dying the lace to match Grandma’s dress — not an easy project. Reminds me of her science project in 8th grade. If this one works as well, I’ll be thrilled! Then the challenge will be to alter Grandma’s dress without ruining the fragile chiffon. .. then we have to inspect the rain location — town hall top floor, choose a SMALL cake design, decide where to plant the gladiolus, settle on the rest of the food, search ETC for tiny flower vases, BEG Beth B to make some mints, and decide on the invitation wording. Details details…do they ever end? Just glad this is a simple wedding…in the meantime, we’re off to work then to Toledo for pre-op.

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