Thriftiness (cheap) is genetic…

I didn’t appreciate the idea of being thrifty until I was an adult. I remember shopping with my mom…she would draw a picture of a dress I liked, then we would buy the material and she would magically produce an exact replica. I remember wishing that…just once…she’d let me buy the dress. That thought came back to haunt me yesterday when Anne, Alee, Fred and I were strolling the remnants of the arts and crafts show — rain had finally driven the vendors to give up the fight. Anne reminded us of the day that Joy Savage had spent a fortune on some scrunchies. Anne wanted some, but I guess I told her we could make them for much less and have lots more for the money. Of course, I instantly apologized for being cheap, but she assured me that she now appreciates that and has begun to think that same way. She also admitted that as soon as we’d gotten home, she had realized she really didn’t want the scrunchies anyway…What does this have to do with life now? Ah well… we’ve discovered that it is possible to plan a simple (i.e. thrifty) wedding that everyone will enjoy. Since at least 2/3 of the guests will be either Pannabeckers or Steiners, they’ll realize that RFP and NFS may not be in attendance, but their spirit will have infused the whole event….Today, the lessons of Grandma P’s inventiveness will be evident as Anne and I attempt to dye the lace to match the ancient peach chiffon dress…let’s just hope we’re as good as Grandma!

One response to “Thriftiness (cheap) is genetic…

  1. The “thriftiness” (as you call it…I call it “poor graduate student with no money”) is alive and well in Kent, Ohio. It is the same reason I only turn up the water heater when I want a warm shower. Cold showers? I took one this week, and it was rather brisk. Now, if only I could darn some socks.

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