Random thoughts

Some days it is just fun to reflect on the past 48 hours or so…it’s funny what comes to mind. Memorial Day weekend really started Friday night…
Mother fixed supper for us — classic Mother hot-weather food. It was terrific. Tuna salad with light yogurt dressing, fresh green beans, homemade Irish soda bread, fresh strawberries with her frozen peaches in orange juice, and homemade whoopie pies. She told us about making them with thin chocolate wafers long ago, so I begged her to make some for Anne’s wedding. (On Saturday, I found thin chocolate/mint wafers at Meijer.)
Mother keeps hearing us talk about Facebook, so I showed her my page and we set one up for her. So here she is at 86, with her own FB site and having a blast with it. Within less than 15 minutes, she already had two friend responses! Says it helps her keep up to date.

Saw baby ducks on our walk Saturday morning. So cute…the way they plop into the water and look like they’re just paddling furiously to stay close to mom and dad. Then one little guy has to veer to the right or left to look at something — reminds me of Lindsay at that age.
Hit the farmer’s market early with Lindsay — bought more Gerberas, some pansies, cherry tomato plants, green and red pepper plants, whole wheat sourdough bread (really sour!), lettuce, eggs. Then we scrounged around Deercreek Antiques and Groves antiques for some surprise things for Anne’s shower. Got some great finds, but can’t list them here just in case Anne is reading this.
Spent the afternoon planting some pennyroyal in the herb garden so we’re ready for mosquitos, peppers in the veg garden, and did some planning for more planting. That huge “rock garden”, which we transplanted from the Steiner homestead is going to be revised into a semi-circle with miniature sunflowers in the center — blooming just in time for the wedding, we hope. This rock garden is currently in the same state it was at Fred’s childhood home — looks like a pile of rocks to me, but to the Steiners it’s a garden. Hmmm…two years ago we hired a friend to load them on his flatbed trailer and trucked them over to our yard. Kitty likes to climb to the highest rock and survey her yard.
Late afternoon headed to Findlay for the weekly stop at the library, burgers at Wilson’s and groceries at Meijer. Came home and got to eavesdrop on Lindsay and her childhood buddy, Jennifer King, who just returned from several years teaching in Japan. Anne called from her balcony to tell us she was watching the fireworks at Kings Island — 5 miles away.

Fred and I walked alone this morning, and stopped at our favorite rock sitting area on the bank of the National. My buddy, the retired vet who feeds the squirrels, birds and ducks, stopped by to chat. He’s such a funny guy — the animals come right up to him for peanuts and corn — basically eat out of his hands.

Time to shower for church — finally feeling good enough after three months of being down and out!

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