Yard art

All of the yard art reappeared today…just seemed to be streaming out of the playhouse. Over the winter I forget about this fun stuff — gazing globe for the herb garden, a blue ceramic frog for Toady to hide in when he comes back for the summer, the antique tools, etc. As I walked out the back door, I heard Fred say something about our neighbor, Mitch, having a gift for us. We have one of the large pipes from our church’s previous organ and it usually stands sentry in the back yard. Turns out Mitch and Ann had two more in their basement and they decided we should have both of them. Now we have three lined up against the side of the playhouse — each a different height. They look really great. Lindsay joked that we now have our own neighborhood Freecycle. Of course, I told Mitch what Ann had begged me not to tell him — where to find another abandoned bicycle. We picked one up at the same spot about six months ago — only because it had a great set of LLBean panniers that I wanted. A little air in the tires and that bike runs just fine. Mitch’s eyes lit up at the thought!

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