Daily Archives: May 27, 2009

The value of vintage

Since my shoulder is so screwed up, I was beginning to think I’d never ride a bike again. But — thanks to my mom and her penchant for keeping everything — a 70-year-old bicycle came to the rescue. A few years ago my mom gave me the one thing I’d been hoping for — the bicycle her parents gave her on her 16th birthday. She’s now almost 87, which makes the bike more than 70. A few years earlier, she’d had a friend “renovate” the bike — he took it apart, cleaned it up, fixed things, painted it navy with a few white touches, and voila…it is perfect. Single speed, fat fat tires, cruiser brakes and a big, cushy seat. Riding it I feel like Angela Lansbury in Murder She Wrote. My basket isn’t like hers, though, and it doesn’t really match the bike because it’s not wicker. But it holds my stuff and allows me to ride to work again. How cool is that?
Okay…so more vintage stuff…THE wedding dress is an old prom dress of Grandma’s — beautiful, fragile, light peach chiffon. It’s exactly what Anne wants, so we’re doing some creative stuff with lace — dyeing it a darker version of the peach and sewing an insert into the back. It’ll take some time and patience, but we’ll get there.
Picked up more of Anne’s favorite dishes — plastic coated burlap design — wish I knew the name of that style…probably from the 60s. Also found little dishes in the colored aluminum that I collect. We LOVE prowling through antique shops and auctions. There’s nothing quite as fun as unearthing the perfect find.
I’m trying to figure out a backdrop (i.e. arbor) for the wedding. Fred and I are wondering whether we might be able to use the window we got from the town hall renovation. Fred thinks it has something to do with the alpha and omega since it was related to the Oddfellows. Anne would like that! Maybe we could prop it up (it’s huge) and drape chiffon over it. They could stand in front of it. It’s so much fun coming up with these unusual ideas for a wedding. All those couples spending $10,000 for the perfect “white” wedding don’t know what they’re missing out on. Except they’d probably think we were nuts.