Weekend fun

I’m sure a lot of people wouldn’t think of our weekend as “fun” but for us, it was perfect….once we got Mother home from the hospital. The doc sprung her on Friday after supper — clearly, she was ready to leave. Got her settled in at home, and then walked to the Mennonite Home, to hitch a ride home with Fred. It was a full house, with his brother and sister and their spouses in town for the weekend.
My two terrific sisters-in-law, Cheryl and Mary, had brought me some gifts — a huge tub of fat, red strawberries and green grapes, and some fried green peas, sesame snacks and some candy. They made their usual pit stop at Shipshewana on the way from Chicago/Milwaukee, and thought of me. Wasn’t that great?
My Saturday mornings usually start with a stop at the farmer’s market, where I picked up more gerberas, rosemary, marjoram, lettuce, and eggs. Then we needed dirt, so went to Stratton’s for bulk soil (seems strange to buy dirt), and picked up a few more perennials and annuals. We spent the afternoon working on the garden — always thinking ahead to the wedding. It’s beginning to shape up now that we’ve tilled all the beds and things are beginning to bloom. I’m mourning my favorite periwinkle delphinium that has bloomed twice each summer for the past five years. It didn’t even come up this year! Now I have to search for another one…hard to replace such beauty.
In the middle of the afternoon, I went down to the creek for some quite and alone time. I took my camera along — a good thing, because I watched a family of 10 baby ducklings and the mama swim/waddle their way down the creek. Eventually, all 10 of them collapsed on a sunny spot and fell asleep. They were adorable. I wonder if they object when the mama tells them it’s time for a nap…just like our kids used to?
This is why others might think we’re boring. Our Saturday night routine involves a trip to Findlay, first to the library, then to Wilson’s for burgers (and the requisite sitting in the car to people-watch) and grocery shopping at Meijer. Back home to spend a few more hours with the in-law siblings on the patio, discussing wedding plans, gardens, and finally took a photo of the six of us. Can’t wait to get that posted!
Okay, here’s a switch: we slept in today…until 8:15! That’s such a strange feeling. We woke up by walking — saw two great blue herons, some vultures, and fed the ducks/geese. We came home and did more gardening, baked sourdough bread, took Mother for a walk around her complex, and now we’re ready to try the bread! What a great way to end the weekend!

2 responses to “Weekend fun

  1. my weekend: weeding the driveway. the property value has skyrocketed since then.

  2. So I guess your landlord should give you a reduction in rent, eh?

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