Daily Archives: June 9, 2009


Some time in my past (probably 20 years ago), my brother, sister-in-law and I were driving to a 5K race in St. Louis at some godawful hour. James and I were whining about the usual maladies of the day…interruptions of our bodily functions, achiness, etc. Karen suggested we not run that day. James and I looked at her, stunned. In tandem, we said, “Pannabeckers never quit.” We like to blame this attitude on genetics — not only from Dad and Grandpa P., but also from Mother, a Pannabecker by marriage. It has some good and bad pieces to it.
Naturally we ran the race and finished it in one piece. But what this leads up to is that a few weeks ago, my 86-year-old mother (sorry, Mother) overdid the physical activity and ended up in the hospital. Her doc and I chided her for not pacing herself. She responded with her usual “I didn’t think I was overdoing it.” (Sorry again, Mother, for using you as my example.)

Anyway, last weekend, those words came back to haunt my husband and me. We spent much of Saturday working outside and rarely took a break. In his case, he got too much sun; in my case, I taxed the arthropathy in my right shoulder and as a result, we’re both still paying dearly in terms of pain. So we agreed that we needed a code word or phrase to use when we realize that the other needs to take it easier. I finally landed on the famous saying “Remember the Alamo…except our variation is ‘Remember the Wanda'”. Sorry again Mother, but you’re a good example for us in both good and bad ways, I guess.

Why do we do this to ourselves? Who knows? Our poor daughters — they get this from all angles – the Pannabeckers AND the Steiners…not to mention the genetic tendencies from the extended predecessors.