Monthly Archives: August 2009

The making of a wedding dress

It recently became apparent that the vintage dress of Grandma’s was not going to work, so we began the process of choosing fabric and beginning work on The Dress. Anyone who has made a wedding dress knows that this is probably THE most challenging project. Prom dresses, wool coats with velvet dresses, tailored jackets — all fade into the background. Maybe it’s just the idea that it is for my own daughter and it has to be just right. I made a wedding dress for a friend about 10 years ago — same fabric as this one (different color), but only two layers versus three, but also had some similar fitting challenges.
But oh, I love a good challenge! Of course, this time around there is the added challenge of an icky shoulder but I’m taking my time. That’s obvious, since I should be working on it, not writing this.

Without giving away too much, the pattern is a French designer, Badgely Mischka, and it took me one hour just to figure out how the jigsaw-shaped bodice fits together. But the model fit, so it’s time to move on to the real thing.

I think I know how my mother felt when she was making my wedding dress. I wanted a combination of hers and my mother-in-law’s, there was no pattern that looked exactly like either of their’s, so Mother very creatively used a basic pattern and added the specific details. I still have the model she made from muslin. Guess that means I have to save Anne’s — it’ll go up in the attic in her corner.

Okay…deep breath…I’m gonna go cut said dress on the floor because my cutting table isn’t wide enough.