My friend, Deb, is one of three sisters. Together, they make up the foundation of the “Simon Sisters” that has become an extended sisterhood. Over the years, the three have added to the Simon Sisters by allowing daughters to join. As each daughter turns 18, she is “inaugurated” into the sisterhood.

This is truly a Big Deal for each Simon sister and daughter. It is, truly, a coming-of-age moment. And I — a lone sister in a family of five siblings — am truly envious. I am a sister, but I have no sisters — just brothers. Much as I love them, my four brothers are (a) too far away to enjoy monthly events together, and (b) too male. Not that that’s a bad thing, but when it comes to sisters, they just can’t fill that need.

Back to the Simon Sisters. Once a month, the three sisters and the daughters who have made the cut, gather for a day of fun. And no, that doesn’t mean a shopping trip or jewelry party, although over the years, they’ve probably done that. For example, at their most recent “Simon Sisters Saturday”, they “inaugurated” the newest member. This included food — homemade veggie soup, cookies, etc. On inauguration day, each sister wears her “ya ya” hat, which is a self-designed hat that is often outlandish and not something to be worn in public. Deb says that her first one — a straw topper decorated with her pin collection — fell apart several years ago. So she and another sister made what she describes as “ugly 70s crocheted pop can hats” except theirs featured beer cans.

Simon Sisters Saturday ranges from an afternoon of football watching to the annual Christmas craft party to a weekend away. The location rotates from one sister’s home to the next, and the husband in residence has to watch from afar or disappear for the day.

Did I mention my envy? If only I had sisters. In my mind, this is a group of women who have grown up together, share common memories of childhood events, girlhood silliness…women who simply can be themselves because they’re sisters and they understand each other.

In fact, I am SO envious that I wonder if I could start my own sisterhood? We’d be faux sisters. Over the years, I’ve collected friends who have served as my sisters and today, they’re the ones I turn to when I need to just be me. No pretenses necessary. Wonder what we’d call ourselves? I know what our song would be….just conjure up Rosemary Clooney and Vera-Ellen in “White Christmas”, singing  “…Sisters, sisters, there were never such devoted sisters….”

5 responses to “Sisters

  1. Mary,

    I’m sorry you don’t have any sisters. Yes, it is something special. But look at it this way, you have 2 daughters that you can enjoy watching being sisters. As they get older you will have them as “sisters” in a different way.

    Sister-in-laws can be special too. I have a pretty cool one. We could have sister-in-law get-togethers.

  2. Karen — I would love to have SIL get-togethers. We should plan to meet somewhere and do it once a year. At least. Actually, as I was writing this blog, it occurred to me that I do have some sisters but that’s a whole other blogs. And yes, I do watch the girls and think about how lucky they are, but even more how lucky I am to have them. And you. 🙂

  3. Mary – I so related to this entry. I, too, have 4 brothers, no sisters, and 3 friends who are sisters. I have grown up with these sisters and can’t remember a day when I didn’t envy their special relationship, their family events and their similar interests such as quilting and game playing, that I also enjoy. We have been involved in many of the same activities since we go to the same church. I am in a monthly Couples Card Club with one of them, go fabric shopping, etc. with another and am regularly in touch with the third. We are often sitting around the same game table at retreats, vying to be set up next to each other at the annual flea market, and visiting over Sunday lunch at one of the local pizza joints. But, I just never get that feeling of being included in the “inner circle”. I rest in the joy of being their friend. I truly value the relationship I now have with my daughter. In her mid 20’s, a wife and now a mother of a WONDERFUL 10 month old, we have become best friends. And, I love the relationships I have with my 4 sisters-in-law but none of these compare to the relationship that I envision that I would have with a sister. Thanks again so much for sharing Mary.

  4. Mary, I so enjoy reading your blogs. I also grew up with only brothers and I have 2 daughters that even though they are only 2 years apart (think sharing clothes, competition for achievements, sharing friends, etc…) have a close, loving relationship. I hope they will someday include me in days like you have described.
    I am so glad you included the song “Sisters”. This year we all watched the movie White Christmas, my favorite (well maybe I forced everyone to watch it) anyway, Noah ended up singing the sisters song for the next two days… how funny. He watches what they have and I see him being the one to try to fit into the “girls club” in our house, poor boy, even the dog is female. Thanks for sharing your thoughts they always make me take a look at my own life and realize how blessed we are every day.

    • Pannabecker Steiner Mary

      Thanks Julie! I’m glad you enjoy them. I’m constantly amazed by how many people identify with my thoughts. Guess we’ll just have to form a no-sister sisters’ group…and be each others’ sisters.

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