More random thoughts

You know how there are days when you’ve really screwed up and by the time you get home from work, your brain can conjure up only brief, random thoughts? Nothing really connects to the next thought except the realization that your brain is short circuited for the evening. Or maybe you don’t have those kind of days. I do. This is one of them.

Random thought #1 — We had some kind of squash for supper. I say some kind because we don’t know. Maybe Jerry Suter knows. Maybe one of my brothers would know. I don’t. Anyway, there were the seeds looking remarkably like pumpkin seeds. What would you do with seeds like that? I know what I’d do. I’d roast them. So we did. Roast them. Here’s the strange thing. They start to pop when they’re getting really hot. In fact, they continued to pop after we pulled the tray from the oven.

Random thought #2 — There are some genetic traits that I regularly thank my parents for passing on. An ability to talk to just about anyone (this would be from my mom, not my dad). An ability to write and spell well (both). My eyes (this according to my dad, the geneticist, would be a combination of both — except in my case my eyes are not the color he thought they were). Dry humor (my dad). The fortitude to move forward even when my body would rather give up (both).

Random thought #3 — The opposite of #2. The tendency to say things without thinking them through (um…my mom?). The ability to let that get me in trouble and not realize it before it’s too late (probably my mom, but then maybe I’ve figured that one out all on my own).

Random thought #4 — I’ve been thinking of creating an “I hate bananas” fan club on Facebook. I know for a fact that there would be at least two members — me and my niece, Caroline. We argue about which of us hates them more. Probably her. Say the word banana and she melts. Eat a banana in my presence and I come darn near close to tearing it from your hand and pitching it out the window. But that would mean touching it and that definitely is not within the realm of possibilities. Ewwwww.

Random thought #5 — There is something completely unfair about the fact that — despite running for 30 years, limiting my intake of nasty fats, and eating mountains of flax seed — my cholesterol is through the roof. My husband, on the other hand, proudly boasts a count of less than 100. Life is just not always fair.

Random thought #6 — There is a reason that I live in Ohio. There must be. After all, I’ve lived here all but one year of my life. I don’t know the reason. Someday I might discover it.

Random thought #7 — Am I the only person in the world who despises January? It is the single most boring month of the year. There are no interesting holidays. There are 31 days of no holidays. Except today — MLK Day — and I have to work.

Random thought #8 — I love my job. I do. Usually. Most of the time. Except those moments when I goof up (see #3) and think maybe I’m in the wrong business. But on the first Sunday in May (well, except for the years when this event falls on the second Sunday of May), I remember what I really love about my job. Watching all those students accept the piece of paper that proves they made the right decision when they chose Bluffton. Of course, I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that every year around Christmas, I remember another reason I love my job. Where else would I get a whole week off to enjoy Christmas? There are other reasons — Steve, despite his tendency to believe he is a stand-in for my brothers which translates to near-constant teasing; Deb, because she loves the stupid music I play AND can remember the right words because she is…well, sort of my age; Coral, because she knows when I need a hug and makes me laugh; Becky, because she gives me the BEST local gossip that not even my husband knows; JP, because she’s been my friend since we were silly undergrads; Nancey, because she can tell me how to drive through Putnam county without getting lost; Ted, because he supports me even when I make mistakes; and Yelena and Kirsten, just because they are pretty terrific students.

Random thought #9 — (This is from my husband). You are what you think. Napoleon Hill said that. He’s the guy that wrote that “How to get rich book…kind of a Dale Carnegie guy.” So says Fred.

Random thought #10 — (Another from the husband). “A fly can’t bird but a bird can fly.” You have to realize this comes from the man who recited Robert Service poetry (think “The Cremation of Sam McGee”) to me on our first date and managed to keep my interest.

Random thought #11 — Somewhere in this house is my very own (inherited) copy of Dr. David Reuben’s “Everything you ever wanted to know about sex but were afraid to ask.” Okay, skip this if you don’t like the subject. My brother, James, gave this to me when I was a freshman in high school. My mother doesn’t know this. Well, she didn’t. She will now. And if Kathy Bohn Kendrick reads this blog, she will remember our most favorite part of this book. Or maybe she won’t remember it, but at least it’ll give her something to think about when she’s trying to get to sleep.

Random thought #12 — “Julie and Julia” is a terrific book. The movie is okay, mostly because Meryl Streep has proven yet again why she is one of the best actors around. How she developed that perfect mimicry of Julia Child is beyond me. Perfect. Absolutely. Down to the strange sinusy breathing at the end of a sentence.

It’s time to end, not because I’m suspicious about the number 13, but because if I don’t take the dog out now, I’m going to have to make a grocery run for that stuff that everyone claims gets the smell out of the carpet. Good night. May all your random thoughts be entertaining.

3 responses to “More random thoughts

  1. Yes, I have had many, many days like that. Understand perfectly.

  2. Mary, even though we don’t know each other well, I have always enjoyed you sense of humor and been impressed by your stamina and determination. The random thoughts I’ve always chalked up to old age or just too much going on in my brain! Like Sam McGee, I hate the cold! I couldn’t remember the author’s name, and thought I was the only one who remembered the poem. Thanks!

    • Pannabecker Steiner Mary

      Hi Dianna! Thanks for your comment. I really enjoy hearing from others. My husband loves Robert Service — I’d never heard of the guy until we met. It’s not the kind of literature I usually read. 🙂 Mary

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