Pink, Mary J. Blige, Pachelbel, and Mamma Mia

My son-in-law once picked up my iPod and glanced through my selections. His eyebrows rose and he started to grin. Nice guy that he is —  not to mention his own eclectic musical tastes — he said only that “you’ve got some interesting stuff on here”.

I’m not even sure why I got the iPod. Unlike many people, it wasn’t to entertain me while running. Truth be told, I like to listen to the sounds of the early morning when running, so the idea of music blasting in my ears was not my motivation. But I bought one.

Slowly, I began loading music onto it. My daughters offered to add some music to it, but I turned them down.  Not that I don’t appreciate their tastes in music. More likely, I was simply being stubborn and wanted to make my own choices.

Along the way, I’ve collected what others — like Nick — might term “interesting.” Other less afraid of my reaction would probably laugh. It is, after all, a murky mix of classical, pop, rock, doo wop, jazz, Broadway tunes, and yes…a little bit country. Very little.

After all, who knows what I might be in the mood for? A little Pachelbel to soothe me as I walk the dog? Some Pink and Mary J. Blige for a quick pick-me-up, and Margaret Cho’s “Asian Chicken Salad” to make me laugh.

In what I like to think of as a scientific experiment, I decided to try the iPod during a race. I hypothesized that I might run faster. That was one hypothesis that went south in about 25 minutes….my slowest time ever for a 5k. Thoroughly disgusted, I shelved the iPod.

Then a few months ago, when the ice and snow forced me to the indoor track, I dusted off the little Nano, charged it up, stuck in the ear plugs and headed out. Somehow it makes those hundreds of tiny laps pass by more quickly. If I listen to most of the soundtrack of Mamma Mia, four miles can zip by quickly. It also drowns out the silly morning chitchat of whatever radio station is playing on the speaker system.

Although I still prefer listening to the whistles and chatter of the early morning wildlife, until I can return to roads, I’ve got to admit there is something energizing in finishing up on Queen’s “Don’t Stop me Now”.


4 responses to “Pink, Mary J. Blige, Pachelbel, and Mamma Mia

  1. I am giggling at the thought of “Don’t stop me now” – as you are jogging! One thought concerning jogging with music in the ears – harder to hear approaching traffic……

  2. I often run outside with music. I need help keeping the beat. I could never run indoors without it.

    • Pannabecker Steiner Mary

      I discovered one day recently just how much I’d come to depend on that. I thought I’d charged up the iPod but apparently, I hadn’t left it plugged in long enough. It was dead. Longest 45 minutes in my memory.

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