Daily Archives: March 7, 2010

Baby showers then and now

Went to a baby shower yesterday…first one in a long time. What surprised me was how little baby showers have changed since my first one (for me, that is) 27 years ago. Games, food, watch the mom-to-be open lots of presents. An assortment of generations attend — babies up to grandmas, so probably at least four generations.

What has changed are the presents. Well, some of them anyway. There are still the usual bottle brushes, pacifiers, onesies in assorted pastels designed to suit either gender. Tiny hats, homemade quilts, blankets, towels, sleepers, even — believe it or not — cloth diapers. I assume this indicates a tendency toward the “greening” of America.

But these are not just any old cloth diapers. These are a far cry from the double (or triple) layered cloth rectangles that had to be folded in thirds and held together with giant safety pins. No more pins. Hook and loop has replaced the pins — assuring any new parent that he or she can — and will — learn to diaper a baby without risk of sore fingers.

This shower was for my friend and co-worker, Coral. Our other friend/coworker, Deb, jumped at the suggestion of cloth diapers. A diehard — or maybe reborn — environmentalist, she ordered the specific diapers Coral wanted — made by bumGenius. Actually, the closely resemble disposable diapers but can be washed and reused. Better yet, they’re one size fits all…and they come in a variety of fabrics and colors. Bamboo and organic fabrics are at the top of the list. Want to see a picture? http://www.bumgenius.com/all-in-one.php

It almost makes me want to have another baby. Almost, but not quite.

Then there were the toys. Okay, the usual books (Seuss, Margaret Wise Brown, Curious George) and some more contemporary titles. Actually, I was kind of sad that baby-to-be didn’t get that great red and blue shape sorter ball — I still think that one’s fun to play with. Maybe that’s a sign of my dexterity — or lack of — or the fact that I’m easily entertained.

Maybe things haven’t really changed all that much. Toys are similar in many ways, but plastic stuff is now BPA-free. Makes me wonder about what’s inside my kids as a result of all that plastic they chewed on during their childhoods. Whoops…don’t tell them that.

Despite the fancy strollers and carriages now available, they still make my all-time favorite invention…the umbrella stroller. Baby monitors have come a long way from the non-portable kind we had. Wonder if they work. Ours never seemed to.

Can’t wait to see Coral tomorrow. I want to know one thing. Does she know how much fun it is to wash cloth diapers?