Daily Archives: March 25, 2010

A blog especially for Brendon Matthews

Lest anyone think I’m making fun of my husband, I should clarify a few points. I’m not. I think he knows that but hmmm…maybe not. I think he’s a pretty cool guy and can’t think of anyone I’d rather share my bathroom with.

This blog doesn’t always involve my family, but when it does, there’s always some part of me that worries that the three I love the most will feel as if I’m talking too far out of turn. So…just for the record, I’m not making fun of anyone, except maybe myself. And the cat. She doesn’t count. But don’t tell her that. She thinks she’s the Queen.

Anyway, often when I write about my husband, I’m doing it for the sole purpose of entertaining Brendon Matthews. He told me recently that he only reads my blog when it involves my husband. So since I want to keep Brendon happy, I have to throw out some “Fred” comments from time to time. After all, he’s (a) a banker and I might need to borrow money from him someday; (b) he’s on the board that employs my husband; and (c) he’s my husband’s friend. Far be it from me to insult him by not entertaining him with Fred stories.

So Brendon, I hope you’re reading this. And keep reading because on April 9, there will be a pop quiz at 7:30 a.m. You know where. Here’s one of the questions.

What attorney with banking expertise and who writes books on banking will celebrate his 57th birthday on April 9?

No fair asking Fred for help. He probably doesn’t know anyway.