Projects on the horizon

Spent half of today grading papers. Maybe more than half. But that’s okay — it was interesting stuff and I’m done until the next round arrives.

What this means is that I can spend tomorrow doing whatever I want. And…what I want is to sew. There are a bunch of little projects awaiting me, but the one I really want to get done is the butterfly chair cover. This chair is an antique of sorts, but technically probably just vintage. My parents bought it in the late 60s for Dad’s study. It got a lot of use because it was right next to the fireplaceĀ — one of those upside-down cone-shaped things in a bright orange.

Somewhere along the way, it found its way to my apartments, then houses and spent a few years in Athens, Ohio and Madison, WI. It’s back now and about to have its fourth cover. Four of those canvas slings in 40 years — not a bad record, eh? It’s gone from black to black to light blue and now sort of a light limey green. The pieces have been cut for a few months, which means it’s time to sew it together.

So that’s on the agenda tomorrow. I love fixing things — things that have to be sewn. Not carpentered. Although if I knew how to do any kind of building, I’d probably fix all sorts of things. Besides the chair cover? A pair of Eric’s favorite jeans with a rip down the leg. I’ve already warned him — these will NOT look like new. They will be wearable, but I’m not a magician.

Then there’s Anne and Nick’s quilt from Gma P — needs a casing so that it can be hung in their new apartment. And a baby sling for my pregnant friend — if I can figure out how to make it. I refuse to buy a pattern — instead, I printed directions off the Internet.

And when all that is done…hmmm….dog coats, but with temps the way they’ve been lately, I don’t think any of the dogs will be needing them for a long time. So instead…beats me. I’ll think of something.

Maybe this time I’ll take some photos so my SIL who has the best blog with the best photos and my bro, who just posted photos of his greenhouse projects, will know that I’m not idling away out here in the great Midwest.

I’ll let you know tomorrow night.

2 responses to “Projects on the horizon

  1. How about dog coats with pockets for blue ice, as with the costumes worn at Disneyland? Then the dogs will be cool.

    • Pannabecker Steiner Mary

      Actually, I was thinking of those things that go around the neck and are filled with the ice. Not a bad idea.

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