Therapy, thy name is haircut

About three weeks ago, I was scheduled for a haircut. Unfortunately, about a half dozen surgeons and assorted medical personnel  were attempting to rid my abdomen of a nasty staph infection at the scheduled haircutting hour. This  might not seem like a big deal. And I’ll admit, at that time, a haircut really did seem pretty insignificant.

But a few weeks later, my usually-short easy-to-care-for do became not quite so easy to care for. In fact, trying to wash it in a sink in a hospital room proved to be less than fun. More than once I considered just shaving it all off but Alex-the-nurse-who-knows-all put the kibosh on that thought.

Two weeks later, back home, I took a quick gander at the nearest mirror. Eeek! What was that on my head? The husband/nurse/man of my dreams and chief source of positive reinforcement, assured me it looked just dandy. You have to understand, though, that he would say that about any hairstyle I tried. Well….almost any.

Even the two cherubs who have grown up watching me in assorted “dos” gave me their 20-something assurance that my hair did, indeedy, look quite “okay”.

But here’s the thing. We women have this thing about our hair. Maybe not all of “we women” but many of us know that a good or bad hair day can affect the rest of the day. Yes, this is vanity. I know this and this is not something of which I am terribly proud. But there you have it.

So last week, my dear hairstylist agreed to make a HOUSE CALL. This is true. At the appointed time, she popped through the front door, scissors and assorted equipment in hand…at the same time that my infusion pump went on the fritz. The haircut went down the pipes.

Another week passed before the stylist and I could meet up again…this time at the shop. Which — if you’ve never been to one — you’ve missed a true therapeutic experience.

I am convinced that many women (myself included) get haircuts more frequently than necessary more for the conversation, the laughter, and the personal care. Putting oneself in the hands of a well-trained stylist makes even the worst day brighten considerably.

And on the hottest day of summer, when it’s hard enough to stay cool, there is nothing like a great short cut to deal with the heat. And when one is somewhat challenged in the haircare department due to health issues, it’s best to keep things short and simple.

So Deb, cheers to you for making my day….and to the rest of the staff in your shop for putting a smile on their client’s faces.

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