Conversations with sibs and the truth about which one hid his pills

There’s this fun thing about blogs…one can reveal things about others that could or could not get one in trouble. But hey, that’s part of the fun!

So today two of my brothers stopped by to drag me out for a walk. They’re both in town for a weeklong visit and have made it their duty to make baby sister get her exercise. They ignore most of my excuses. Today, there was no getting around it so I went upstairs to get dressed. When I came back down, the comment was, “gee, you look like a normal person…with a gut.” This is typical of our conversations. I’m the baby sister….teasing is the norm.

Anyway, we were walking at my usual SLOW pace and Fred and I were trying to remember when I’d last taken my pain meds. Ooops. Maybe that’s why I had pain. Forgot to take them. That got us onto subject of my iron pills, which I’ve stopped taking because they may be the cause of another not-so-fun side effect.

James started laughing, looked at John, and asked him if he remembered the time when Tom hid his iron pills because he didn’t want to take them. This was while we were living on the farm — I was only three or four, so don’t remember this. (Just to clarify, my brothers are Phil 63, John 62, James 57, Tom 56. I’m almost 54.) Apparently, Tom had some “condition” that required him to take iron pills, which for a little kid, were big. They found them in the old registers, under beds, everywhere, probably in the barn. James told him he was supposed to take them, not hide them. His response was “I don’t like them.”

I feel that way about my potassium pills. They’re gargantuan, rough and taste like crap. In fact, they flavor almost everything I eat. My surgeon said that he make his students lick them so they know how bad they taste and tells them they could earn a Nobel prize if they invent something more flavorful.

I’m thinking about packing up all the pills I hate and sending them to Tom. He’s the scientist — maybe he can develop something better. Oh, but since he’s working on kangaroo rats right now, maybe that’s not such a good idea.

Anyway, it’s great to have some brothers and a sister-in-law around for awhile. We have all sorts of dumb conversations and they give me some good ideas to write about.¬†Sometimes I wonder what other siblings talk about when they live far apart and don’t have daily conversations except by e-mail.

What do you talk about with your sibs?

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