Daily Archives: July 30, 2010

All I want for my birthday: chocolate cake roll with peppermint ice cream

Dear Mother,

I hope you read this soon, so you can start planning. But I’m sure if you don’t see it, one of your FB friends (i.e. granddaughters/sons/etc.) will clue you in.

Just wanted to remind you that my birthday is less than two weeks away. I know I don’t really  have to remind you of the date, but just to clarify, mine is Wednesday, August 11, NOT Thursday, August 12. That’s John’s and since he’s in Kansas, you don’t have to bake him a cake. Rachel will. And it isn’t Friday, August 13, because that’s Don’s and Romaine can bake his.

WHICH….brings us to my point. All I want for my birthday this year (from you, that is — this doesn’t apply to Fred), is one of your super duper ice cream cake rolls. I really want a chocolate one with peppermint ice cream. If no one has peppermint ice cream, I’ll make it for you. Because I really want chocolate with peppermint. And since you’re the only one who makes these the way I like them, it’s up to you.

And oh yeah…sigh…if chocolate is out of the question, then I’ll settle for angel food for the cake part, but I still want peppermint ice cream. Isn’t it just too bad that PlainViewDairy isn’t open anymore? I guess Dietsch’s would have  peppermint, but….more sighs…their’s isn’t pink.

I know I’m being picky here, but well, you know how it’s been lately. You and I both need to celebrate with a really good birthday cake. Chocolate with peppermint. Oh yeah, I already said that, didn’t I?

I guess that’s all I have to say today. Chocolate cake…peppermint ice cream…wait, did I say that already? Sorry, I’m almost 54, I think, and I seem to be forgetting things. Am I really going to be 54? I could ask Kathy Bohn Kendrick since she’s a few months older than me, but she might not remember either. Speaking of 54…no need for candles…wax can play havoc with the cake.

Love you,