Daily Archives: August 8, 2010

A thank you note to a special young woman

Lily Schumacher's tiny ginger cookies with raspberry filling

Dear Lily,

Usually I mail my thank you notes, but I thought it would be fun to send yours in a blog. I’m kind of hoping this will inspire you to start blogging about your baking experiences. You could share all of your favorite recipes!

Every time you show up with your latest culinary success, I am amazed by what a kind, generous soul you have at such a young age. You’ve truly learned the value of sharing what you have with others. Your kindness cheers me every time!

The tiny ginger/raspberry jelly sandwich cookies were terrific. How did you make the ginger cookies so tiny and perfect? You have far more patience than I do.

How do you choose a new recipe? Do you scan cookbooks until you find one that sounds good? Have you ever created your own recipe? I’ll bet you’ll do that some day.

For my birthday, my mom is baking me an ice cream cake roll, my favorite. I’m going to save a slice just for you. Maybe you’ll want to try one next time you have a birthday in your house. I’ll bet your dad would like one.

Someday, maybe we can bake together. What would we make?

Thank you so very much for the “get well” cookies you’ve brought. That means a lot to me and Fred.