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Fine artistry: Creation of an ice cream cake roll

So…the birthday has come and gone. But there remains hidden in the freezer, a good-sized chunk for midnight snacks. I took a few photos and videos of Mother rolling the cake and adding the ice cream. This is my first attempt at adding a video through YouTube, so not sure how this will work.

As it turned out, the cake roll was white (made with angel food cake mix) and filled with mint chocolate chip, a delicious variation of the first idea. But hey, who’s complaining? It was scrumptious, as is typical of Mother’s creations. When Fred asked her how many of these she’s baked over the years, she looked stunned. But if you figure she began baking these when Phil was oh, say, 10ish, and did them pretty consistently for the next 15 years, that would put her well over 75. But my guess is it’s more than that, because there were years when she had to bake more than one (for parties with many little guests). She might not agree with me.

First, the recipe and instruction; remember, this is a family recipe that has been adjusted over the years. It’s not been tested, except in our kitchens, and as everyone knows, ovens vary. Baking success also varies with humidity, etc.

One box angel food cake
1/2 gallon favorite ice cream

Prepare a cookie sheet with one-inch sides — do not grease with angel food. Instead, place wax paper on the cookie sheet.

Mix angel food cake as directed on box; add cocoa for a chocolate cake. Pour into cookie sheet, spreading evenly. Bake at 350 for approximately 20 minutes, but WATCH CAREFULLY. (While the cake is baking, sprinkle a woven — not terry — dishtowel with powdered sugar. Also, remove ice cream from freezer and allow to soften enough for spreading. Remember, the cake will be warm, which will make the ice cream soften even more.)

Remove cake when the center springs back when touched — it should be just golden colored. Let cool a few minutes, then carefully flip upside-down onto powdered-sugar covered towel. Immediately roll up jelly roll style, using towel to roll and letting towel roll with cake. Let sit a few minutes, then unroll carefully. Yes, this may crack the first few times you try it, but don’t give up.

Baked cake waiting to be rolled

Beginning at one end, spread ice cream carefully, covering a few inches of cake at a time. Roll cake over ice cream, while continuing to spread ice cream and rolling cake until completely rolled. Immediately, wrap in waxed paper and pop into the freezer. Slice when completely frozen.

If these instructions are too confusing (!), ask questions….or check your cookbooks for a recipe.

I’ll admit my first few tries were pretty cracked and gawky, but once frozen, no one cares!

Click on the following links (or copy and paste into your browser to see my first attempts at posting a video to YouTube. Next time I’ll use the Flip instead of my phone.