Dancing with the seniors

My husband and I take a lot of walks…summer, fall, winter, spring…in rain, snow, sun, whatever. We do this for a couple of reasons, the most obvious of which is so the dog can do his thing, but also for exercise. And to get some fresh air after sitting at a desk all day.

But the real reason that we walk is because we are basically two very snoopy people. And if you walk at night in the dark, you can see inside places (i.e., houses and businesses). And yep, we could go inside those businesses without walking to them…if we wanted to. But there are a few businesses we can’t…or won’t…enter…for a number of valid — or not — reasons.

If you walk down Main Street on the right night of the week, you can watch the dancers at the senior center. This one of my favorite places to snoop. Those people simply amaze me. Secretly, I want to be inside dancing with them. Not that I can dance. I can’t. I can’t even pretend. But I’ll bet I could learn from them. They have moves that could rival Bobby and Cissy on the Lawrence Welk show. Okay, so I never really watched the Lawrence Welk show, but if I visited my in-laws at 7 p.m., it was hard to miss it.

Anyway, if the seniors are dancing, our walking slows to a crawl. Sometimes we stop right there in the middle of the sidewalk to watch. Okay, to gawk. I admit it. But it’s impossible to NOT watch. You try. You’ll be as mesmerized as we are.

I keep waiting…and hoping…that someone will invite us in. After all, my walking partner…AKA dance partner…might be old enough to join. Or maybe not. Don’t tell him I said that.

But you just wait. Someday, I’m going to be in there, dancing my heart out. And no one will laugh at me. With me, maybe.


3 responses to “Dancing with the seniors

  1. You know, you and Fred could always dance at home and no one would be watching or laughing.
    I’ll bet if you stepped in on the seniors one night they’d love to have you join them.

  2. Beautiful~! A very sweet and Christmas-y sort of blog. Thank you. Jean

  3. I think you should join in right there in the middle of the street. You can probably hear the music. If not, you can certainly keep time to their actions! I dare you!!!

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