Wait no longer…the men’s room is empty

Have you ever noticed how there is always a long line outside the women’s restroom at public events? We wait. And wait. And wait…while the men zip in and out of their own, with nary a line in sight.

Of course, men translate this to mean that we women are taking our time primping. This is not true. Let’s just say that the mechanics of emptying one’s bladder are more time-consuming for women than for men.

So…yesterday when I discovered yet another line snaking out of the women’s restroom and not a soul outside the adjacent men’s room, I looked at the woman next to me and said, “Cover for me, and I’ll cover for you.”

She grinned and agreed, as several “do-it-by-the-book” souls primly  looked on in disbelief. Maybe they don’t have any brothers. Whatever. While they waited another five minutes, we took turns standing guard outside the men’s room and were done in a flash. Several other like-minded women joined us when we discovered there were two stalls.

I’ll admit this isn’t the first time I’ve done this because several years ago, I decided it just wasn’t worth my time or vanity to forgo the use of an empty restroom — as long as I had a willing partner.

Here’s what I’ve noticed about my forays into men’s rooms. For the most part, they’re just as clean as the women’s and besides, germs are germs, right? Last I heard, germs don’t differentiate between genders. So…as long as we wash our hands, all is good.

And if a man happens to walk in on me? Won’t be the first time. I have four brothers who have prepared me well for dealing with such situations.

Grin and bear it.


5 responses to “Wait no longer…the men’s room is empty

  1. Elfrieda Ramseyer

    appreciated your thoughts on men’s bathrooms!
    While attending many women’s conferences through the years, the men’s bathroom (which is usually nearby or right next door) has been used by many of us…one would go in and check to make sure no man would be embarrassed by us going in, and then the rest of us would follow. One conference I remember, 2 men had to wait until we women were finished so they were at the end of our line! Should have taken a photo…

  2. Elfrieda Ramseyer

    guess i put my response someplace other than the ‘comment’ area…
    never know exactly where stuff is to be written!
    i see where a couple others responded but are on another page…
    this is how I handle all this technological stuff!!!!

  3. Pannabecker Steiner Mary

    You did it just right! See, you’re more technologically savvy than you thought. 🙂

  4. Maybe its only because I grew up with one brother, but I’m fairly sure his boy cooties and germs were mutated from the depths of hell itself. Or maybe that was just him personally.

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