Staycation, naycation, or simplification?

Thanks to Canadian comedian Brent Butt, I am not enjoying just any old week of vacation at home. Apparently, Butt coined the term “staycation” in a 2005 episode of his “Corner Gas” television sitcom.

So….”staycation” it is. Others might argue that this is really a “naycation,” but that would mean that I didn’t leave my home. Hey, on Saturday, I’m going to venture as far as Bowling Green to run the BG Fight or Flight 5K. And yesterday, the dog and I sallied up to Findlay — in the middle of a surprise April “snowstorm”.

It did occur to me on Monday night that I might be verging on a temporary bout of agoraphobia, because I’d spent most of two days holed up in my sewing room. Presumably, I was completing some long overdue projects but in truth, I kept getting sidetracked.

Most of the week’s projects have involved further simplifying my life, e.g., digging up an entire perennial bed and moving half of the plants to a new bed. This might not sound simple but the whole idea was to unclutter the bed.

Today’s simplification took place while the hubs was out of town. This is usually when I do BIG projects, which is why he is sometimes leery of leaving me home alone.

Here’s the thing: our “family room” — fondly dubbed the “library” — needed a serious weeding out. Since eliminating tv from our lives, we have accumulated a massive number of old tv series on DVD…mostly stuff from the 70s and 80s, which only those in my age bracket or older will appreciate. Well, that’s not entirely true. Our 26-year-old appreciates them — so much so that she periodically swipes a season of Hart to Hart or Moonlighting.

Of course, thanks to the elder daughter, we also have many seasons of Seinfeld on hand. And yes, we watch them. Unlike her, we don’t have entire conversations memorized.








Ah, but I digress. This is what happens when one is on staycation. There is nothing to keep one grounded and focused.

So… back to the library. I made an executive decision to ditch the VCR and all of the videotapes — with the exception of BHS band and orchestra performances and about 12 years of dance recitals.








The room still seemed cluttered, so I purged all of the music CDs. Yep. The hubs has loaded all of our favorites onto his computer. Why keep them?

Lucky for us, child number 2 is a manager at Half Price Books, where they might actually buy some of the videotapes and music CDs. Apparently, vintage sells well.

Ahhh…what a great feeling. For the moment, I’m enjoying empty shelves and ignoring the fact the dust that is now all-too-visible.


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