A photo story: The house and yard, a never-ending project

When I was a kid, it seemed as if my parents were always doing something new to the house or yard. As I got older, I wondered if they’d ever stop. Would there ever come a time when all of the projects were finished? Would they ever sit still and think, yep, we’re done?

Nope. Never. Because just the other day, my nearly 90-year-old mother who now lives in an apartment in an independent living center, hired a teenager to deliver some manure for her garden. Yup. She’s still at it. And guess what? It’s genetic or in-bred or something. I know this for a fact because my husband and I just collapsed after two days of hard-core yard work — the kind of stuff that covers you in dirt, sweat and makes you feel SO good…despite the sore muscles.

Sometimes only photos can tell the story…


Fred and the Mantis attack the ground where we’d removed large flagstones at the entrance to the secret garden…

While trying to prepare one of the beds for a round with the Mantis, I dug up these rotten railroad ties…yikes!
The secret garden post-Mantis….

The herb garden after yesterday’s revamp…I dug up an ancient patch of thyme that had turned woody and tasteless…replaced it with bee balm and bush basil.

Obviously, a formal garden/landscaping doesn’t fit into our plans. We like to use things that mean something to us…such as shells we’ve collected from favorite places, such as Tybee Island, GA.

Just as I learned long ago, our daughters have learned there is no end to this…my next project, another rescued tulip chair.

2 responses to “A photo story: The house and yard, a never-ending project

  1. it’s looking good! that is a lot of work!

  2. Good job. I love the tulip chairs.

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