Nothing like a day in the (faux) tropics to warm you up

Fall is great when the sun is shining and the air is crisp, but the sun warms you from the outside in. Cider, apples, leaves changing color from green to varying shades of gold and red, and everything else that goes with the season.

But some days are not so great. They’re gray and rainy and chill you to the bones. Those are the days to plan a trip to an aquarium, where the air is warm and humid and you can spend hours imagining yourself thousands of miles away.

One of our recent trips took us to the Newport Aquarium, located just two miles from downtown Cincinnati, just across the Ohio River in Newport, Ky. Plan to make a day of it, because you’ll certainly want to check out the other stores and restaurants in the area of Newport on the Levee.

The aquarium houses thousands of animals from around the world in a million gallons of water. You’ll be stunned by the colorful fish, the sharks and crocodiles, and my favorite, the adorable penguins.

At certain times of day, you can participate in feeding the animals, and there are always several exhibits where you can actually touch some of them, such as sharks. And your child could be chosen to lead the parade of the penguins.

As usual, photos tell the better story, so here you are.These represent just some of what we saw and did. Since the penguins are my favorite, I’m starting with a video of them.













































































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