Not for arachnophobes: Meet Inky, the short-lived family pet

If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you know that there are few topics off limits — including snakes and other things that cause instant fear and panic in many people. In fact, if you read past blogs, you’ll find the one about our babysitting gig with Zeke, the pretty little orange and yellow corn snake (

So….if you suffer from arachnophobia, you’re probably not going to like this little tale of Inky, the family pet. Inky had a short, but productive life, entertaining us with his constantly disappearing and reappearing acts. Clearly, he was busy doing whatever it is that common household spiders do. We joked that he was doing laps around the dining room.

Inky was, of course, black and tiny. As spiders go, he was pretty ordinary. But entertaining. Even the dog followed his antics, sniffing him from a distance when Inky made a foray down to the lower regions of the room. For the most part he traveled around the upper perimeter of the dining room and often around the window frame.

But alas, he succumbed to a silent death — not, I should add — at the hands of anyone in our house. In fact, after noticing his absence, we found him dead in the dirt of one of our house plants.

For those of you who, like my snake-owning friends, Debbie and Dobie, enjoy a good spider tale, here is a pictorial review of Inky’s travels.0105131244010613085701061319190106130839

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