Facing winter head on: Increasing the endorphins with a snowy run

Here’s the problem with Ohio winters. They’re completely unpredictable. No, that’s not quite true. They’re predictably unpredictable.

On Monday, I ran in shorts and a t-shirt. Then the temps dropped to sub-freezing, the wind kicked up to 25 plus mph, and the snow followed. Back to the indoor track — for which I am ever-so-grateful. But today is Saturday, which means long-run day, and my body craved the outdoors. So I layered up, Velcro‘d on the Extreme Masque…IMG_0371[1]

…strapped on the YaktraxIMG_0372[1]

…and headed out. Toward the end of eight miles, I rounded the National Quarry on one of my favorite trails. My iTouch was on its last few minutes of battery power, so I turned on the video camera. This is for my friend, Debbie, whose heart is in ski and hiking country, but current home is in the city. This’ll probably make her even more homesick for her hometown.
Unfortunately, the battery died just before I reached my favorite rocks that overlook the water. And despite my footfalls and breathing, you get the idea of the peaceful feeling of this location.

2 responses to “Facing winter head on: Increasing the endorphins with a snowy run

  1. I love the sounds of those birds in the background. Watching that actually inspired me to go for a run. But I’m not going to because I’ve already been for one, so I’ll just feel restless instead.

    What’s extreme masque?

    • Pannabecker Steiner Mary

      I love the birds! Did you see the photo of the purple and greenish mask? That’s an Extreme Masque. It’s made by Seirus Innovation — I got mine 20 years ago after having pneumonia. They still make them although I think only in black. Check Amazon. Technically, the air warms before it gets to your lungs, but I wear this more for face protection when it’s really cold! Thanks for your comment. Happy running!

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