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76 trombones (minus 74) pucker up their embouchures for the season

Dear Janie, AKA Ma Bell,

I’m glad you’re excited about the arrival of football season. I can just imagine Monday nights at your house, especially now that your beloved Brett is back.

I too am glad that football season is back. Yeah, go ahead…laugh away. You know I’m not the football fan you are, but hey, once a Bluffton Pirate, always a Bluffton Pirate, right? Okay, by now you’re wondering what I’m getting at. But then, you know how I ramble.

With football games come band shows. Pregame shows. Halftime shows. Post-game revelry…especially when the home team wins in this small town. And that’s it. I’m hooked. Have been since the fall of 1997 when a certain freshman trombone player took to the field for her first game. That was it. I was in love.

This required a few things. I had to go to the games in time to watch the halftime show. Some of the time I actually got there at the beginning to watch pre-game — you know, when the band members line up behind the cheerleaders as they hold the paper thingy for the team members to run through. You can tell I had little interest in the players. I was too busy making sure my little trombonist didn’t get mashed by those guys.

Technically, my interest in watching the BHS band ended in 2001 when the kid graduated. Her sis played violin — not an instrument designed for marching band. Still, my heart goes flip flop when it hears the band warming up to head to the stadium most Friday nights. And the Saint plans to brush up his own trombone-playing skills for the upcoming alumni band, so I’ll get my fix once again.

So…anyway…I was up in the attic where I discovered a band uniform. I’d forgotten that we bought it when BHS got new uniforms after the trombonist graduated. Wonder what to do with it? Long ago, my in-laws made a comforter out of my husband’s BHS band uniform – he too played trombone. The blanket is best described by my daughter as “ironclad”. Sleeping under it is like being under a lead blanket — one is guaranteed at least 10 hours of solid sleep.

I don’t know…I suppose I should think about making one of those comforters too, but I kind of like looking at the uniform and pretending I’m sitting in the stands waiting for my little trombonist to step out front for her solo. I still remember the butterflies in my stomach.

Thought you might like to see a little pre-game show of Steiner trombonists. Maybe you can play this when you’re settling in to watch Brett and your Vikings take to the field.

Ever a Pirate,