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Weekend sightings: snapping turtle, geese and — maybe — blackberries

Yesterday before the onslaught of rain arrived, the water in the creek near our house was still low enough to see whatever creatures were swimming. That’s when I saw a HUGE snapping turtle, his lumbering body swimming upstream. Of course, I had no camera, not even my iPod, but the body (not including the neck and head) was roughly the size of the horseshoe crab I found on Tybee Island earlier this summer.IMG_0514[1]

Later we went by to see if he might be hanging around but the creek was full of muddy, rushing water. We did see a cute little frog who appeared to be riding the rapids on his back.

Today, I was ready with my iPod. No turtle, but the geese that hang out at the local quarry seemed to tolerate my presence far longer than usual. One of them began a halfhearted attack but even he seemed to agree that a Sunday morning stalemate was called for. Phew. Hissing geese can be a little scary!
Leaving the geese to hiss at the next innocent passerby, I headed off to check on my blackberries. Here’s the thing. They’re not really mine and I’m not really sure if they’re blackberries. Are they black raspberries? I’m not sure…maybe someone out there can identify these for me. They grow wild on low-growing bramble bushes and are just slowly turning black.
Oddly, I’ve never like raspberries or blackberries until recently when I discovered some wild patches  on one of my running routes. I brought some of the raspberries home and my husband — who likes them — was hesitant to eat them. I think he thought I was trying to poison him.
Anyway, last year I decided to try the blackberries, which are huge and tart. I love to eat them off the bush — especially when I’m really thirsty on a hot, sweaty run.
So…who knows what these are? Please tell me!

Ribbit…croak…there’s a frog in my wading pool!

A few weeks ago, Mr. Frog showed up in our backyard. He very quickly made himself at home in our goldfish pond. I wonder what the goldfish think of him. He sometimes hops out to sit at the edge of the pond, usually hiding among the leaves of the water plants. Of course, as soon as a human approaches, he plops back into the water.

Today we found him swimming in the inflatable wading pool on the patio, doing his little froggie breaststroke around and around. Guess he’s camera shy because he wouldn’t stay still long enough for me to take a photo. Fred finally captured him in a net and I got a photo before we moved him back to the fish pond.

I love frogs. They’re so cute with their big bulging eyes — especially the tiny ones we sometimes find wandering through the gardens and sometimes even in the street at the back of our property. Ever since the girls were little, we’ve always had a little toad house for whatever toads decide to spend the summer with us.

We seem to be a frog-friendly family because a few weeks ago, daughter number 1 and I and the two dogs were exploring the creek behind our house. We heard an odd squeak and saw something jump. At first we thought it was a fish, but the water level wasn’t really high enough for fish to live in. Besides, neither of us had ever heard a fish squeak.

We ventured out into the water, with the dogs watching anxiously from the bank. They don’t like to swim, and the idea that they might follow us into the water probably hinted too closely of a bath. We heard another squeak and suddenly realized there were three frogs within a few feet of us. One went to the left, one forward and the third to the right.

Not willing to leave the creek until we got to see one of them close up (my daughters have inherited their stubborn streaks from me), we headed to the right. About three feet away was the brightest, greenest — sort of lime green like Kermit the Frog on Sesame Street — frog who was either dead or a darn good actor. Of course, as soon as we turned our backs to go fetch a camera, he sprang into action — proving the acting theory.

We never did get a photo even though I went back down without the dogs a few days later to see if I could find them. No such luck. Instead, Lindsay did some Internet searching and came up with this photo that looks exactly the frogs in the creek. This is a Northern Green Frog.

Here’s the question we keep asking: What’s the difference between a toad and a frog?

What do you think?