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If you’re an Indiana Jones fan, you never forget Indy’s famous quote from the scene in the Well of Souls in Raiders of the Lost Ark. When Indy discovers the floor is covered with slithering snakes, he says to Marion, “Snakes…I hate snakes.”

It’s not an uncommon feeling — most people either hate snakes or find them fascinating. If you’re on the side of those who hate them, you might want to avoid my house right now. We’re snake-sitting a beautiful little orange and yellow corn snake named Zeke.

In a large aquarium in the basement, surrounded by his water dish, a “house” and a layer of sawdust, resides Zeke, the corn snake. His mama and papa nipped off to Fiji to get married and didn’t want to leave him home alone. Naturally, I offered to keep him.

Of course, a few days later, it occurred to me that I’d better check with the hubs to make sure he was okay with Zeke sharing his office space for 10 days. He was — as I’d thought — intrigued by the idea.

On the other hand, Ike didn’t get a say in the matter. In fact, he still hasn’t really figured out what is in that large glass box in the basement. He hasn’t yet tried to peer over the top of the aquarium, nor did he react when Zeke “stood up” to take a look at that funny creature on the other side of his glass wall.

Here’s the thing. Snakes don’t do anything except hide…under the water dish, house or sawdust. It takes a lot of coaxing to convince Zeke not to slither away when I finally uncover him and try to stroke his back.

Once a week he eats, although like many pets, he wasn’t sure he liked his new surroundings so initially refused to even sniff his weekly allotment of pinky mice. Over the next few days, though, he downed six of his usual seven — but only when he knew no one was watching.

I suspect he’ll be glad when his folks return home and whisk him back to his usual place of honor. But I think we’ll miss the little guy. In fact, maybe we’ll inspired to explore the world of herpetology. But not to worry — I draw the line at venomous snakes.