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A day of big plans with few checkmarks

After spending basically two days in hospitals for doctor appointments, tests, attempts to de-clot my PICC line (no go), and finally another hour back at the hospital today to have a new PICC line installed, I was ready for some freedom.

I had big plans. Well, for me, they were big plans. A nice, slow walk during which I stopped at Oscar Velasquez’s mural to greet Oscar and check out one of his latest “human” additions — my mom, dressed in her senior piano recital dress. It’s a terrific reproduction from a black and white photo taken sometime in the early ’40s. I wondered if she’d gotten wind of it yet; according Oscar, several people had informed her and she’d been by to check it out.

Her comment that it “doesn’t look like me” made me laugh. Isn’t that what we all say about driver’s license photos? I think it looks remarkably like she did at that age….not that I knew her at that age. But it looks like the photo.

Back to the walk…I stopped in at the bookstore where my mom was volunteering. She admitted that she doesn’t think it looks like her, but I think she’s pleased. At least, I hope she is. She’s probably also a little embarrassed. I would be. My brothers and I wanted to make it a surprise because we knew she’d tell us not to have it done. Everyone needs a good surprise once in awhile.

Back home, I had a slow lunch, read some more of the latest Janet Evanovich, and spent some time texting with my daughter. Sometimes I think it would be easier to just talk, but hey, I’m not going to complain. I just like hearing from her.

The best part of this day was a visit with my cousin’s wife, Norma Wyse.We sat outside at my lopsided garage sale table in my Tybee Island tulip chairs, hoping for visits from the hummingbirds. Must be napping.

Norma and her husband, Mark Ramseyer, and their two kids live in Boston…well, actually Lexington. Norma is a physician, so we had some discussion about the surgery, etc.  But what I found most fascinating is that she, Jenny and Geoff, were heading to Columbus to attend an origami conference. Not to learn to fold tissue paper flowers, although they do have beginner workshops.

But the more complex workshops focus on tessellations, geometric designs, etc., led by experts. Jenny, who will be a senior in high school, spent part of her summer working in a lab at MIT creating complex designs under the direction of an MIT computer science prof who is an expert in origami. I’d like to attend the conference just to watch. Just in case you’re curious, check out this link: http://www.origamitessellations.com/diagrams/double-pleat-hexagon-tessellation/

Okay…back to my big plans…it’s 3:45 p.m. As usual, the day has passed too quickly to check off much of that to-do list. But…there’s always tomorrow. The list will still be there. Always is.