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What’s one more boy around the house?

For the first time in many years, I’m living in a house dominated by males. Well….dominated might not be the right word, since my brothers never dominated me. I just let them think they could.

Anyway, let’s just say I’m outnumbered by the male species, 3-1. This isn’t really a problem, since two of the males are the four-legged kind. It’s just kind of strange to have conversations about “the boys”, since that’s the term my mom and I use to refer to my four brothers despite the fact that they’re all over 50. Way over.

This morning my husband stopped by my office and reported that “the boys” were spending the day in the basement with him. In between snoozing, they engage in what he refers to as “fracases”. This usually happens when the little one gets bored and entices the big one to tussle over the toy of the moment. This results in some tumbling, growling, snapping, nipping, and eventually, both collapse back into the snoozing mode.

It’s been an interesting week, learning to walk two dogs at one time, especially if only one person is doing the walking. They haven’t yet gotten the hang of walking in a straight line, which means that the leashes keep getting tangled. When two of us walk the two of them, it’s not much easier because we spend most of our time stepping over and under leashes. Kind of makes me feel like I’m back in eighth grade learning the do-si-do in square dance….only much more complicated.

Some onlookers might think we were slightly delusional in agreeing to dog-sit our granddog, Harvey, while daughter number 2 and her significant-other spend a vacation week in Wisconsin. But hey, we got off easy, since Eric’s parents got to dog-sit the other half of their menagerie, a three-year-old lab mix who is aptly named Luna. She’s on the “puppy” side of maturity.

Harvey is a loveable mutt who looks like a cross between a black lab and a dachshund. Big head, long nose, long but short body with short legs and big feet. He’s very sweet, but also a bit on the mopey side. Don’t tell his mama — she’s already worried about him. He perks up at the suggestion of food or walks. He also thinks he’s a lap dog. Our tech guy for The Bluffton Icon came over a few nights ago, sat down at the Mac, and Harvey promptly launched all himself onto Ryan’s lap. Luckily for Harvey, Ryan loves dogs and let him sit there.

Lindsay’s comment? “Oh, I forgot to tell you that when he meets someone new, he immediately wants to sit on their lap.” Really?

Ike, on the other hand, is ecstatic to have a big friend around. He’s like a little kid with an older cousin visiting….wants to do everything Harvey does, eat everything he does, and never sleeps unless Harvey’s asleep.

The best part of this? When Harvey leaves for home, Ike will sleep for a week.