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Repurposed, Part 2: Typesetters drawers

Back in days of the letterpress, moveable type was composed by hand for each page of print publications. Cast metal letters or symbols were used to create text.

The cast metal “sorts” were stored in typesetters drawers — long wooden boxes with many compartments. Eventually, the letterpress was replaced by advances in publishing and the typesetters drawers were relegated to dusty corners inĀ  antique shops and attics — including the one at the top of our house.

As our daughters acquired tiny items — dubbed “goofy little miniatures” by one of them — we dusted off the typesetters drawers, added a few coats of varnish, and hung them on their bedroom walls. They filled them with assorted cherished (excuse me, “goofy”) items, thus saving shelf space for often equally goofy, but larger, items.

Over Christmas, our daughters were discussing various options for storing jewelry. The youngest wanted to find a way to store — and display — her jewelry, to avoid the usual jumble of necklaces, bracelets, and earrings.

Repurposing is a longheld tradition in both of our families — our parents would simply have called it reusing items that had plenty of life in them. Apparently, this tendency has been passed on to the next generation, because daughter number two came up with this perfect solution for her jewelry quandary.APS1 APS2 APS3 APS5