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Changing direction and setting off on a new adventure

I’m pretty sure that Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu had me in mind when he said, “If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading.”

Here’s the thing. I didn’t know where I was heading. I only know that I no longer felt good about wherever I might end up, and it was clear that change was needed. But getting to that point wasn’t easy. It took a lot of reading, reflecting, talking, searching, whining.

And then there was yoga. I entered into that with typical skepticism, not sure whether it would help with calming my racing thoughts. But somewhere along the way, over a period of about nine months, it suddenly occurred to me while focusing on breathing through a pigeon pose, my mind had quieted. The wildly racing ping-pong motion of my mind had stilled.

And that was when I realized I’d settled on making a change. After more than 18 years of working in higher education, it was time to give myself a chance to explore something else, to assure myself of the time and energy I had been lacking so that I could put more of myself into our home-based businesses.

It had been a wonderful 18 plus years, and part of me wondered how I could leave that behind. After all, working with adult students carries with it a certain sense of satisfaction – seeing 40- and 50-year-old working adults realize that they can return to school and earn a degree, and knowing the sense of accomplishment they feel when they walk across the stage at graduation, makes for a very fulfilling career.

So the thought of doing something very different but working in a familiar setting, sparked my interest. Using some of my skills in different ways, and tackling some new challenges was appealing – albeit a bit daunting.

Change is good. Change is hard. Change is scary. Changing direction has become a positive movement and after a short week, that yellow brick building with the beautiful stained glass windows already feels
like home.

And as one of my students said, “… it is time to open the next chapter of your life!”