Daily Archives: May 26, 2010

What writer’s block has in common with being tone deaf

Two of my favorite persons called to make sure I was okay because they noticed I hadn’t blogged in awhile. I almost claimed “writer’s block” until I remembered telling my students that there is no such thing. In actuality, I simply haven’t felt inspired. And yes, I know that’s no excuse.

Anyway, telling me that you have writer’s block is like telling my mom that you can’t play piano because you’re tone deaf. It just ain’t gonna fly. Sorry. There is no such thing as writer’s block, just as my mother would say no one is tone deaf.

One can always write something, although it may not make much sense. So, taking my own advice, I began freewriting in my head. This is what I do while I’m running. Problem is I can’t always remember this stuff when I get home.

This time, though, my head was full of random thoughts. Aha, I thought, a list of random thoughts. So…here goes…

1. I’ve seen my husband REALLY angry about five times in 30 years. The first time involved the phone company on the day we moved into our first house. It wasn’t pretty. The most recent outrage occurred during last Saturday’s arts and crafts show, which is his responsibility as Chamber CEO. His explanation is that he’d been up since 5:30 a.m. and 6 hours later, had not yet eaten. Basically, a certain organization chose to air its political agenda during the a & c show, without asking permission or paying a vendor’s fee. Words were spoken, arguments ensued, and the husband’s appetite and mood was shot for the day. Suffice to say that next year’s rules and regulations will guard against this.

2. Chronic pain sufferers should give a TENS unit a try. It might help. Might not, too, but at least you’ll have tried. A word of caution: Do not suddenly increase the strength of the electrical stimulation from 5 to 10 unless you want your hair to stand on end. Trust me on this. Oh yeah, and be sure to turn off the current BEFORE you ask your husband to remove the electrode patches. He’ll be much happier.

3. We were (as usual) late to church on Sunday. As we sped around the corner, I made the astute comment, “We’re late (duh).” The driver’s response was something to the effect of “A thousand years in human time is but a glimpse in God’s time.” Okay, that’s not exactly how he worded it  — and certainly not the correct theological reference but you get the idea. The last time I was recognized for my Biblical memorization skills was in 6th grade and that was LONG ago. (Minor factoid: I still have the plaque I earned for that from Dick and Corrinne Boehr.)

4. Sometimes I ask silly questions. Well, at least I think they’re silly. Like, for example, what color are the yolks of blue chicken eggs? I got a blue one recently from my friends, Elizabeth and Ray, and discovered that the yolk is yellow. For some reason, I thought it might be different, so I asked my SIL, who raises chickens (and ducks, goats, turkeys — but that’s a different blog). She laughed at me (which she can do, because I love her). But still. Didn’t you ever wonder what color robin’s egg yolks are? My husband claims that he and his brother once fried a starling egg. It stunk. I still don’t know what color the yolk was.

5. I get to have another MRI this week. That part doesn’t bother me — open, closed, whatever — it’s a good excuse for a nap. But what bothers me is my insurance company and their tendency to do the usual runaround with prior approval which, as it turns out, is not required. But it took them five days to determine that. Go figure.

 6. Online shopping has it’s advantages, but yeah, there are obvious disadvantages. Choosing the right size is challenging. This is especially problematic when ordering swimsuits. Which, as any woman knows, is just not fun. My husband doesn’t get this. He thinks I’m the only person who orders multiple sizes and then returns the ones that don’t fit. Heck. I’m going to send him four houses east to talk to Mary Edmiston. She’ll set him straight.

So now you know what kind of random thoughts race through my mind. Tell me about yours. I know you have them.